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vocal and organ music is categorised below.

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Choral - Sacred

SATB and other mixed voices

I will lift mine eyes unto the hills (2023)

Anthology: Two Part Anthems

Edited by: Philip Moore

S/T and A/B & piano or organ accompaniment | General

Nunc dimittis (Latin) - published by Multitude of Voyces (2020)

SATB | Unaccompanied | Evensong, light, presentation

Arrangement: Silent Night (2020)

Anthology: RSCM Carols for Sopranos, Altos and Unison Lower Voices

Edited by: David Ogden

SA Men & organ accompaniment | Christmas

A babe is born all of a may - RSCM (2020)

Anthology: RSCM Carols for Sopranos, Altos and Unison Lower Voices

Edited by: David Ogden

SA Men & organ accompaniment | Christmas

Four Marian Motets (2020)
SATB div | Unaccompanied | Marian

•  Ave Maria

•  Ave Virgo sanctissima

•  Ave Regina caelorum

•  Ave maris stella

Missa Brevis (2019)

SSATB div | Unaccompanied | Mass (ordinarium)

Ave Verum Corpus (2019)

SATB div | Unaccompanied | Lent, General

Songs of Thankfulness and Praise (2019)

SATB | Unaccompanied | General

Love Divine, all loves excelling (2018)
Anthology: RSCM Anthems for Sopranos, Altos and Unison Men

Edited by: David Ogden

SA Men & organ accompaniment | General

Salvator Mundi (2018)

SATB div | Lent

Lo, how a rose e’er blooming (2018)

SATB div | Unaccompanied | Christmas

Star of the East (2018)

SATB div | Trumpet accompaniment | Christmas

Sicut cervus (2018)
SATBB div | Unaccompanied | Lent, General

I sing of a maiden (2017) - Choral

Solo soprano | SATB | Organ accompaniment | Advent

Asperges me (2017)
SATB div | Unaccompanied | Sprinkling of Holy water

The shepherds’ farewell (2017)
SATB div | Piano or orchestral accompaniment | Christmas

Salve Regina (2016)SATBB div | Unaccompanied | Marian


Bristol Evening Service (English) (2022)

SATB div | Organ accompaniment | Evensong, light, presentation

Mass of St Cecilia (Latin) (2022)

SSATB | Organ accompaniment | Evensong, light, presentation


Unison Voice or Solo Cantor

Mass of St John the Evangelist (English text) (2021)

Unison voices or cantor, congregation| Optional SATB | Organ accompaniment | Mass (ordinarium)

Upper Voices

Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost (2018)
Upper voices or children’s choir | Optional SATB | Organ accompaniment | Pentecost

Lower Voices

Sing for Joy (2017)
TTBB | Harp & organ accompaniment | General


Drop, drop, slow tears (2019)
ATBarB | Unaccompanied | Lent


Choral - Secular

Fear no more the heat o’ the sun (2017)
SATBB div + SATB soloists | Unaccompanied


Lo, in the orient (2018)
SATB div | Unaccompanied


I wandered lonely as a cloud (2016)
SATB | Unaccompanied


The Lover’s Appeal (2017)
SATBB div | Unaccompanied


The Soldier (2018)
SATB div | Unaccompanied


Intermezzo (2021) - Choral
SATB div | Cello, organ accompaniment | Coming soon


Solo Organ


Intermezzo (2023)

Anthology: Oxford Book of Organ Music by Women Composers (2023)

Edited by Anne Marsden Thomas and Ghislaine Reece-Trapp

Published by: Oxford University Press (available for pre-order)

Prelude on Deck the Halls (2023)

Anthology: Oxford Book of Christmas Organ Music - Book 2

edited by Robert Gower

Published by: by Oxford University Press (available for pre-order)

O Lux Beata Trinitas (2021)

Anthology: Gregoriana

Edited by: Anna Lapwood

Published by: Stainer & Bell (2022)

Postlude on Saffron Walden (2020)

Anthology: Oxford Hymn Settings for Organists

Edited by: David Bednall & Rebecca Groom te Velde

Published by: Oxford University Press

Prelude for Organ (2018)

Commissioned by: Alastair Johnston

Registrations: Alastair Johnston



Solo/ Duo Vocal (with piano accompaniment)

Two poems from ‘A Shropshire Lad’ (2019)
Solo mezzo-soprano or baritone and piano accompaniment

•  Loveliest of Trees

•  With Rue My Heart is Laden


Hear my Prayer, O Lord (2018) - Vocal Duet
Tenor duet | Piano accompaniment

Children Singing in a Choir
Sheet Music
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